Smart Asset Integrity Solutions (AIS) came into existence when various parties decided to join forces in order to approach clients wishes in a better and more effective way. Although Smart AIS is a relatively new company, most of its employees have been employed in the oil- and gas industry for many years and have a wide range of experience.

Why use SMART Asset Integrity Solutions?

Most vendors in this field are NDE providers that also do inspection work, whilst we are an independent inspection company that provides additional high quality NDE. Our inspectors are all trained in specific techniques and field conditions. As a team, SMART AIS has the ability to check any requirement needed for the project.

On every project  you need trusted independent inspections to ensure that your legal obligations as well as the highest standards you expect are met at every stage. Our comprehensive range of world-leading inspection services helps you to reduce risk, control quality and to assure that all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets are fulfilled.

It is the intention of SMART AIS that the interests of its clients are at all times paramount and that any activities carried out on behalf of those clients will be done so in a professional, safe and responsible manner. Any information received from its clients will be treated in the strictest confidence.