3D Scanning Services

The demand for detailed, accurate and up to date spatial information is strong in present day engineering. A complex design in 3D has developed from being an extra option to become the standard, which is an essential starting point.

Up-to-date and reliable information of existing installations and environments is therefore vitally important.

Laser scanning compiles such information in a secure, rapid and accurate manner and therefore offers a better alternative to traditional, more time-consuming measurement methods.

It is a fast and accurate method of collecting dimensional XYZ data of objects and store it in a database, generally called 3D scan or Point cloud data.

This data can subsequently be used effectively through any project life cycle phase.

Today, laser scanning is being used almost everywhere; all Industry sectors including manufacturing and Construction, Offshore, Buildings, Infrastructure, Maritime, Forensics etc.

Why use laser scanning ?

The advantages of laser scanning are vast and speak for themselves. We guarantee our quality, because we can rely on exact and complete measured data in 3D. Engineering software is increasingly linked to 3D data obtained by laser scanning; we rely on this data. This enables us to radically enhance our efficiency in 3D designs. We are continuously engaged in extending both the breadth and the depth of this process.

All this saves us money. We therefore consider carefully where and how to apply laser scanning sensibly in each project. We think that makes sense.

SMART Asset Integrity Solutions Scanning Services

At SMART AIS, we can provide you with the necessary steps to deploy laser scan data on your project., Large or small, worldwide.

Whether it is an as built CAD model created by reversed engineering or a complete solution to your engineering challenge; we are determined to make the application of laser scanning on your project a success. For this, we have all the required services available.

Working with you, we want to find better solutions which you can be proud of. And if that process reveals that a different approach is preferable, we will adopt it without hesitation. Again, we think that goes without saying.

Striking the right financial balance

Of course, the cost of using laser scanning must be attractive to you in technical terms, and must remain so. We are doing our utmost to make sure that we strike the right balance for you between investment and solution. Technical innovation using modern tools, is not expensive by definition, but is sustainable. An intelligent solution, within your budget, is therefore always our priority. That solution should offer you optimum returns in multiple aspects.

Our vision of the future ?

The pace of successive developments in the field of laser scanning is constantly improving. This is one reason why the use of laser scanning is set to increase sharply across all sectors over the next few years. We are encouraging greater flexibility in response to new technical challenges. Constant probing and shifting of the boundaries brings more and more new applications within reach. You retain control through transparency, quality guaranteed by uniform execution, and conformity to accepted standards. To us, these features go without saying.