Pipeline Asset integrity Management
SMART Asset Integrity Solutions (AIS) has provided services with regards to developing and updating a Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS). The integrity management system comprises all the activities to detect and control risks associated with operating the pipeline and thus preventing pipeline failure.
Depending on data available within company, SMART AIS offers the services which can varies from development of a fully comprehensive integrity management system to perform the integrity assessment of the pipeline based on the risks associated with operating the pipeline. A fully comprehensive PIMS will contain at least the following procedures:

 Company integrity policy including KPI’s
 Organisation and personnel procedures
 Reporting and communication procedures
 Operational control and procedures
 Management of change procedure
 Contingency plans
 Audit and review procedures
 Information management

Whereas an integrity assessment including a risk assessment need to be performed SMART AIS can provide the following assistance: 

Data gathering
 Built a comprehensive pipeline database using excel or access (if required).

 Perform integrity assessment of the pipeline based on the risks related to the pipeline
   (HCA; 21 threats)
 Condition Management Program: Inspection baseline for the pipelines; resulting directly
   from the integrity assessment in combination of a detailed inspection plan resulting from the
   condition management program.

The PIMS system shall be prepared in accordance with o.a. the NEN 3650; NTA 8000; ASME B31.8S; API 1160; NORSOK N – 001 & N – 006 ; DNV-RP-F116.